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SubmarineBlock colour has been a design trend for a fair while now, perhaps to the point that it isn’t necessarily a trend anymore, more a critical tool which design companies use. You’ll have more than likely have come across it on websites in which blocks of colour are used to separate content.

Naturally, this trend has transferred throughout design. The movie poster for Richard Ayode’s film Submarine is an example of its use in print (an interest) as well as to fashion too, more notably women’s fashion (not an interest).

As a result of the such busy lives we all lead, we essentially haven’t got the time to browse through continuous pages of text and the use of colour to separate this content gives the illusion that there isn’t quite as much for us all to read and helps us to filter out what we want to read and what we don’t.

The same can be said for print. People barely spend any time looking at adverts. Think of the last time that you were flicking through a magazine and actually stopped to look at an advert. Chances are, you haven’t or you can’t remember that you did.

So for an advert to be littered with text almost defeats the purpose of the advert because it isn’t going to grab the attention of its audience (you).

Trying to conjure up the layout of an advert for one of our clients is where the inspiration for this post came about. There was a block of content that wasn’t aesthetically pleasing but with the use of block colour to separate and break up the page, the advert looked far more appealing and a lot easier on the eye.